Karen Alea

Franklin, TN

Karen Alea

Current freelance writer and editor, former English professor and writing program director. Cuban-American redhead.



The Distorted Gospel of Paula White

On Friday, for only the second time in American history, a woman will say a prayer during a presidential inauguration. Bearing the honor will be “Prosperity Gospel” televangelist Paula White, credited with the impressive task of leading Donald Trump to Christ. Paula White’s strain of Christianity differs from the mainstream Biblical teachings of sacrifice exemplified by Mother Theresa.

Fidel Was Robin Hood. Fidel Was a Monster.

“How did you hear?”. I asked Mariela. I hadn’t seen her for ten years, but we still kept in touch over Facebook. She lives in North Carolina and I live in Tennessee. When the news broke of Fidel Castro’s death at ninety years old, she popped into my mind. I sent her a Facebook message, and she immediately replied.

5 Things College Professors Want Your Freshman to Understand

Guest author Karen Alea lives in Franklin, TN where she is an adjunct of English at Middle Tennessee State University. She can be found visiting her own freshman daughter at the University of Tennessee or at Every year, over 2,000,000 students will step into a college classroom for the first time. Link to Story

Twitter Hacks Every Writer Should Know

WriteHackr is a digital, subscription magazine.
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AGAFIA LYKOVA: Religious Hermit or Modern Feminist?

The news about 70-year-old hermit Agafia Lykova, who was airlifted out of the Siberian forest, made headlines recently. More intriguing than being a female hermit is she is the last survivor of a religious family that had no clue World War II had even taken place. Fleeing the religious persecution of the Bolsheviks, the Lykov family disappeared 150 miles into the wilderness in 1936.
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Women’s March Participant Speaks Out About Being Target Of Senator’s Harassment Campaign

“The Women’s March encompassed so many issues I am passionate about, and as a woman with two daughters, I have to participate in making sure they have the same or better rights than I have had.”. whose name has been changed for her protection—describes her decision to take to the streets in Jackson, Mississippi, for the march over the weekend.


Karen Alea

Karen Alea has her MFA from Bennington College and is an alumna of Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Her short stories have been published in various magazines including Eureka, Stickman Review, Riverwalk Journal and the anthology, Catch Fire in the Treetops. Her short story “The Next Guy” won The Nashville Scene fiction contest judged by Ann Patchett, which led to a guest column in the publication. She has written non-fiction for Images Magazine, Jacksonville Magazine, Catholic Journal and, somehow, Auto Restorer. She freelances as well as teaches writing at Middle Tennessee State University.



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